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Festive Season - Round Up

Monday 6 January 2020

凯极娱乐官网There was a good turn out of Cardiff runners in 2019 Nos Galan 5km, 13 runners took part in the senior race. Males were, James Hunt 2nd 14.37, Ciaran Lewis 3rd 14.41, Matthew Edwards 4th 14.52, James Vincent 8th 15.04, Ben Reynolds 10th 15.12, Lloyd Sheppard 12th 15.14, and Owen Locke 21st 15.51.

Females were, Lucy Marland 3rd 17.02, Megan Carter-Davies 5th 17.24, Rebecca Evans 9th 18.14, Nia Clatworthy U17F 13th 18.43, Bethan Evans U20F 16th 19.21, Julie Chamberlain MF35 37th 21.41, and Caitlin Chapman U20F 73rd 27.59.

There was a good turn out in the Junior Age groups, see below.

Juniors 14-15 Years race.

1st Jacob Reynolds凯极娱乐官网 3.23, Ben Farrell 2nd 3.41, Ben Hughes 5th 3.52, Gwenno Goode F 7th 3.56, Jessica Evans 9th 4.00,

Juniors 12-13 Years race.

Alex Ridout 2nd 3.59, Iona Roderick U13F 1st 4.12, Freya Hughes-Rolls U13F 2nd 4.23, Jack Farrell 19th 4.34, Alfie Osbourne 12th 4.35, Harry Osborne 23rd 4.45.

Juniors 8-9 Years race

Madison Brown F 8th 2.20.

The Fun race has the biggest field of runners  with over 882 runners finishing, how they get around the narrow streets, sharp bends, steep down, and up hills. If any people from our club took part they didn't shown club they represent, lots of people did.

Cardiff Parkrun 04/01/2020

Cardiff's Jenny Nesbitt ran a very fast time over the 5km course 2nd in 15.54凯极娱乐官网 only 3secs slower than course record holder Cardiff's Charlotte Arter 15.51 in 2019. 

The race had it's bigger ever field of runners to complete the 5km course, with 960 finishers.

凯极娱乐官网Other Cardiif runners in race were:-

Kobe Beltran U15B 35th 18.42 pb, Harri Elias U17M 62nd 19.45, Ben Hughes U17M 64th 19.50, Kerby Beltran U13B 76th 20.17 pb凯极娱乐官网, Stephan Noyvirt U20M 98th 21.02, Alfie Osbourne U13M 117th 21.48th, Bethany Gold U17F 128th 22.06, Harry Osbourne U13M 130th 22.08, Millie Gold U13F 223rd 24.05, Paul Edwards VM45 283rd 25.16, Maddison Gregory U13G 292nd 25.27, Rhiannon Derrick U11G 312th 25.50, Anya Elias U13G 327th 26.08, Sioned John U13G 448th 28.05, Caitlin Chapman U17F 517th 29.15.

Well done to all Cardiff runners, some run to better their best time, others to blow cob webs away of festive season, for some it's used as a training run with lots of company.