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Structure and Organisation

凯极娱乐官网Cardiff AAC is a members’ club which means that all constitutional decisions are made by the members; voting, normally once a year, at the Annual General Meeting which is usually held in December.

The club has a written constitution which can be viewed by clicking on Constitution.

For day to day running of the club there is a General Committee which meets on the first Tuesday of each month in the clubhouse.
凯极娱乐官网The General Committee is responsible for the overall management of the club and is made up of the officers (President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) together with other officials appointed at the AGM. Any senior member of the club is welcome to attend meetings of the General Committee and may speak but not, of course, vote. However, it is rare that a vote is needed.

There are also two committees, the track and field committee and the road running and cross country committee which are responsible for arranging competitions, appointing team managers and generally taking care of all matters relating to fixtures and competitions.

A full list of the officers and other members of the General Committee and committees can be found by clicking on Officers and General Committee Members.

In addition to the committees, the club provides coaching, arranges occasional social events, operates a canteen on club nights and at competitions, carries a stock of club kit (competition vests, T-shirts, tracksuits, etc.) for sale.

凯极娱乐官网All members are entitled to use of the well equipped and modern club room and are encouraged to do so as this is where information of all kinds can be found about the activities of the club.